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Planet Fitness Free Weights

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planet fitness is a national company with locations all across the u.s and now in Canada, all of which give you the best value of any gym you can find. There is the judgment-free zone, the place with no gem intimidation. Planet Fitness is also know as Planet Fitness Free Weights.

You can work out any way you want, and always feel free to be yourself because many members are first-time gym users. They go out of their method to create a welcoming environment filled with tons of excellent—easy-to-use equipment and plenty of friendly staff to help with any questions you might have.

About Planet Fitness Free WeightsAbout Planet Fitness Free Weights

Planet fitness encourages members to go at their own pace. It means using any of their top-notch cardio and weight machines for as long as You’d Like. Everything from treadmills, ellipticals, arc trainers, and stationary bikes to two complete circuits of strength equipment and a section of free weights to boot. They also have a theatre system with all of their cardio equipment.

So you can watch or listen to any of the giant flat-screen TVs or planet fitness radio while you work out. They offer unlimited fitness training with all of the memberships. When you sign up for a membership at planet fitness, you can meet with the trainer, who will design a program to help you get started.

Planet Fitness takes pride in going above and beyond for the members and doing it at a low affordable cost. They believe everyone should have a place where they feel comfortable pursuing their fitness goals with great equipment and in a judgment-free zone.

A Unique Feature of Planet Fitness Free Weights

a unique feature is the pf express 30-minute circuit, which consists of 10 strength stations and 10 step stations. It operates on a red light-green light system. You take 60 seconds to perform the exercise when the light turns green. When the light turns red, you have 30 seconds to move to the next step in the sequence.

When the 30 minutes are up, you’ve completed all 20 stations and gotten a full cardio and strength workout. They have Full spacious lock rooms at planet fitness with private showers and changing areas in both the men’s and women’s locker rooms and for our black card members.

They have tanning beds, massage chairs. The privilege to bring a guest and the choice to work out at your home club. And any of nearly 1 000 locations across North America and Puerto Rico. The black card members get all those perks and more for just 19.99 a month.


Planet fitness has a welcoming and supportive atmosphere where you can work out at your own pace. And always feel like you belong for a fraction of the cost of many other gyms. Planet Fitness Free Weights

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