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 Lifetime Fitness Lakeville: You remain invited to experience this luxury athletic resort on the corner of Dodd Boulevard and 185th Street. Here you’ll find indoor and outdoor pools, an expansive workout floor, group fitness studios, and dedicated kids spaces of 115,000 stunning square feet, all dedicated to the pursuit of healthy living.

How To Contact Lifetime Fitness LakevilleHow To Contact Lifetime Fitness Lakeville

Address: 18425 Dodd Blvd, Lakeville, MN 55044, United States

Departments: LifeSpa & MediSpa


Tuesday: 4 am–12 am

Wednesday: 4 am–12 am

Thursday: 4 am–12 am

Frida: 4 am–12 am

Saturday: 6am–10pm

Sunday: 6am–10pm

Monday: 4 am–12 am

Phone: +1 952-985-8800

Three Ways to Experience LifeTime

Monthly Membership

Create the ultimate membership that supports your and your family’s healthy lifestyle with their flexible membership options.

One-Day Membership

Our One-Day Membership agrees you soak in all the profits of a Signature Membership for a day.

Schedule a Tour

The impression of the club’s energy, see the lovely spaces and discover what makes LifeTime unique — with a visit to the athletic resort today. Lifetime Fitness Lakeville

Featured Amenities

Bistro Outdoor : Enjoy delicious, quality, locally and sustainably obtained menu items by the pool.

Outdoor Lap Pool: Also, The perfect place to improve your stroke or enjoy a morning workout — all in the refreshing, open air.

Outdoor Freedom Pool: Take in the sun and enjoy the luxurious pool, including group activities for kids.

Waterslides Outdoor: Also, Grandpa! Grandma! Mom! Dad! Kids! Everyone turns, zooming down slippery, spiraling outdoor slides in the pool area.

Outdoor Whirlpool: Also, Sink in and feel amending jets and swirling water relax you from head to toe.

Zero-Depth Entry Pool: Preserve your little ones safe and in vision in this family-friendly end of the pool.

Indoor Lap Pool: Also, Contract in the water and transfer to an aquatic environment where you can refine your stroke or enjoy a morning workout.

Indoor Leisure Pool: No matter what period of the year, an open, welcoming pool is waiting for all ages and skill levels, complete with nationally recognized coaches teaching daily swim lessons and aerobic classes.

Waterslides Indoor: Also, Sink into the heated indoor whirlpool and let the falsifying jets and peaceful, swirling water relax your muscles.

Indoor Whirlpool: Also, Take seasonal summer inside with the spiraling indoor water slides in the pool area — a great way to have splash-worthy fun all year round.

Expert Instruction Details

  • Personal Training: Along with your Certified Private Trainer, you’ll build a personalized training package that suits your body, taps into your strengths, and delivers accurate results.
  • Race Training: No matter the reserve, we’ve got the training support you need. Also, From 5K to marathons, programs, coaches, and communal runners will help you get there.
  • Weight Loss: Lose weight with a database that slims you down and builds you up, one day at a time.
  • Pilates: Also, Change your body and strengthen your core. Life Time Pilates proposes continuous improvement with a progression-oriented approach for all levels.
  • Nutrition Coaching: Looking to make more refined food choices? Also, The Nutrition Coaches are here to deliver professional guidance and create a personalized plan to help you feel your best.

Sports Details of Lifetime Fitness Lakeville

Swim: Also, With private and group training, swim teams, kids’ clinics, and open swim times, they have something for every swimmer.

Run Club: Also, Be part of the public that lives to run. From training together to races, running remains more fun with friends.

Rock Climbing: the indoor climbing wall features hand- and foothold routes that create varying difficulty levels. Get started during Open Climb hours, or join us for a class.

Basketball: Also, Final Hoops treats everyone like a pro, presents leagues, lessons, individual coaching, pick-up play, and more.

Indoor Soccer: Also, Play soccer year-round or advance your skills with expert coaching and elite training programs.

Tennis: Singles. Doubles. Clinics. Drills. Also, There are many ways to improve your game, including learning from some of the top pros in the country.

Pickleball: Part tennis. Also, Part badminton. Part ping pong. Also, Low impact. Super social and easy to learn. Also, No wonder everyone loves pickleball. Experience it for yourself. Lifetime Fitness Lakeville


Life Time Lakeville is more than a gym. Also, It’s an athletic resort. Although, Life Time has something for everyone: an expansive fitness floor, unlimited studio classes, tennis courts, eucalyptus steam rooms, and indoor and outdoor pools.

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