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Organic Remedies – Products, Concentrates, And More.

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Organic Remedies

The staff at Organic Remedies screens and adjusts what may be improved alternatives with my changing circumstances and the acquisition of their products.

Through genetics and research, they are unlocking the potential of medical cannabis therapies while providing a superior patient experience.

They are Here to Assist You on The Way to Wellness.

The outstanding team of professionals remains dedicated to providing individuals with healthcare solutions through product education, medicinal knowledge, and real-world experience with the healing properties of medical cannabis.

The approach The theyllness in a personalized and comprehensive manner. The premium therapeutic products and strains have been genetically engineered and clinically tested to provide significant therapeutic healing.

Products of High Quality

The cultivation and research facility in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, is a 250,000-square-foot cutting-edge facility dedicated to producing high-quality cannabis flotheyrs and manufactured products. They grow cannabis following Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and manufacture The extracted/manufactured products following FDA guidelines for Current Good Manufacturing Practices.

The Hybrid Laboratory Leverages Two Types Of Technology: Hydrocarbon And Co2

Organic Remedies - Products, Concentrates, And More.

The hybrid laboratory leverages hydrocarbon and carbon dioxide extraction technologies to ensure they can provide the widest variety of products to the medical cannabis market. Carbon dioxide technologies can efficiently extract important therapeutic compounds that remain often overlooked (e.g., flavonoids and carotenoids). In contrast, hydrocarbon technologies are more suitable for creating products rich in monoterpenes (e.g., live resins) and acid from cannabinoids.

The facility mirrors cGMP facilities common to the pharmaceutical industry, where product quality and safety are the central pillars of The manufacturing protocols. They leverage good science to create products of the highest quality and efficacy.

Product formulation and research & development. The team of cultivators, manufacturing specialists, and scientists remain recognized for their expertise in horticulture. This team of experts breeds unique strains of cannabis with distinct cannabinoid/terpene profiles and a variety of customized formulated products to treat specific qualifying medical conditions in Pennsylvania.

Dry Leaf/Flotheyr

The most common form of medical marijuana obtainable to Pennsylvania patients is a dry leaf or the dried flotheyr of the plant. Patients can consume dry leaves by vaporization using various devices. They cultivate dozens of strains of cannabis, including Sativa, Indica, and hybrid varieties.

Vape Cartridges And Disposable Vape Pens

The pulmonary system provides an avenue for fast and efficient delivery of the therapeutic compounds in cannabis. The vape cartridges remain created using hydrocarbon and supercritical carbon dioxide extraction, starting with premium fresh-frozen or cured plant material. In addition, they offer full spectrum vape carts (HTE), live resin carts, and CO2 distillate carts.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) remains named after its creator, Rick Simpson. Who has spent over a decade promoting the healing potheyrs of cannabis. The oil remains created through a complex process that decarboxylates the extract while conserving terpenes that would otherwise be lost.

RSO is an excellent option for patients who do not want to vaporize or are uncomfortable swallowing capsules. This potent cannabis extract is highly concentrated and can remain absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract resulting in effective delivery to the systemic circulation. Since this product is very focused and long-acting, patients should start with minimal doses and adjust slowly if needed.


Marijuana concentrates come in many forms, each subtly different and uniquely suited to meet the user’s desired method of consumption. Concentrates remain generally highly enriched with THC, so patients should remember to “start low and go slow” with dosing.

Organic Remedies manufactures several forms of concentrates, including sugars, budders, and diamond sauces. All of The concentrate forms are available from living or cured.

The live concentrates remain created using fresh-frozen flotheyrs. By freezing the plant immediately after harvest, the cannabis plant retains its valuable terpene profile, fresh flavor, and fragrance through the extraction process to the final product.


Sugars are a concentrated form that can remain produced from live or cured plant materials; the extraction process leverages The proprietary blend of hydrocarbons that remains designed to extract the widest variety of therapeutic compounds from the plant material.

Following the extraction process, they rapidly crystalize the acid from cannabinoids to create tiny crystals. Those crystals provide the basis for the sugaring process; the second stage is a clothier crystallization technique that ensures that. The crystal size is uniform and that most of the terpenes remain retained.


Budders are a form of concentrates that can remain manufactured from live or cured plant materials. The manufacturing of budders – again – leverages. The proprietary blend of hydrocarbons to ensure that they extract the widest variety of therapeutically essential compounds from The plant material. Following the extraction process, the extract remain purged of residual solvents and whipped to create the soft budder format.

Diamond Sauces and Diamonds

Diamond Sauces and Diamonds can remain manufactured from living or cured plant material. Manufacturing these products leverages The proprietary hydrocarbon blend during extraction. The super-concentrated solution remain pressurized, resulting in the slow deposition of acid from cannabinoids.

The slow crystallization process results in the formation of large translucent crystals. The only difference bettheyen the two products is whether the supernatant fraction remains further refined and added to the final product.

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