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How To Stop Periods? – It’s nearly that period of the month again. You’re about to start your period, but you’re taking an extended vacation. You’re wondering what your options are instead of dealing with menstrual cramps, bleeding, and bloating. Since you’re interested, you may also read this article: Best Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Can You Get Your Period To Stop? Is It Also Secure?

“Many people believe skipping your periods is dangerous,” says Ob/Gyn Stacie Jhaveri, MD. “However, if done correctly, it’s very safe.” Dr. Jhaveri discusses how to stop your period safely and which methods to avoid.

Is It Safe To Attempt To Stop Your Period?

It is possible to stop your period for a week, a month, or even indefinitely. Some people want to stop or postpone their period to attend a wedding or honeymoon. Others want to stop their period for medical reasons, such as:

  • Heavily bled.
  • Extremely painful.
  • Disorders of bleeding
  • Fibroids in the uterus

While it is safe to stop your period, keep in mind that your body usually is on a cycle that lasts 21 to 35 days. And it all comes down to hormones. “Estrogen is the hormone that causes tissue to build up in your uterus, creating a nice cushiony lining for a pregnancy to the implant,” Dr. Jhaveri explains.

“If you do not become pregnant, that tissue must shed, and this is your period.” Another hormone, progesterone, is released after you ovulate and helps you stay pregnant. If you don’t get pregnant during that cycle, the progesterone levels drop, and your period begins.”

Because of the drop in progesterone, your uterus sheds its lining, resulting in a period. “The most effective way to stop your period is to prolong the progesterone,” says Dr. Jhaveri. “You’re convincing your body that you’re pregnant.” Since you’re interested, you may also read this article: Lexapro And Weight Loss

How to Get Rid of Your Period?How to Get Rid of Your Period

It is best to consult with your gynecologist about methods to stop your period. “The success rate will vary greatly depending on when you try in your cycle and what method you use,” Dr. Jhaveri says.

If you identify you have a big event in the next few months, Dr. Jhaveri says the sooner you can plan with your doctor, the better. It’s also worth noting that once your period begins, there’s no stopping it. There is also the possibility of breakthrough bleeding with any of these methods. Here remain some alternatives to discuss with your doctor.

Pills For Birth Control

Birth control pills remain widely used to prevent pregnancy and come in various brands and options. Usually, you’d take active pills containing hormones for three weeks. Then, during the fourth week, you’d take hormone-free placebo pills. Birth control pills remain usually sold in 28-pill packs.

You can, however, skip the placebo week and begin a new pack if you want to stop your period. While you can take the hormone pills continuously to avoid your period, Dr. Jhaveri recommends discussing a strategy with your doctor. It will elevate estrogen and progesterone levels, preventing the uterine lining from shedding.

“With birth control pills, it stands recommended that you have a period every three or four months to get rid of any extra tissue that has built up. Otherwise, it can lead to very irregular bleeding,” Dr. Jhaveri says.

Intrauterine Gadgets (Iuds)

An IUD is a good birth control option for those who want a long-term solution without having to think about it. During an in-office procedure, a T-shaped device remains inserted into your uterus. While copper and plastic versions are available, only the plastic versions contain hormones. Many people who use a plastic IUD have lighter periods or no periods.

“If you don’t want to have periods, you should consider a continuous progesterone method, such as a hormone-containing IUD,” says Dr. Jhaveri. “If you only want to stop your period for one cycle, an IUD is not the best option.”

Patches And Vaginal Rings

These methods, like birth control pills, provide hormones for 21 days. Those hormones are administered via a patch placed on your stomach and changed weekly or a plastic ring inserted into your vagina for three weeks.

After three weeks, you usually stop using those methods for a week to have your period. If you want to stop or skip your period, start using a new patch or ring after 21 days. “Like birth control pills, you would just use these methods to stop your period,” Dr. Jhaveri explains. How To Stop Periods

Shots On How To Stop Periods

You can get a birth control shot containing a high progesterone dose every three months. “The shot has the best long-term success rate of stopping your periods because it suppresses estrogen and tissue buildup the most,” explains Dr. Jhaveri. “As a result, if someone truly needs to suppress their periods due to heavy flow or other issues, the shot has one of the highest success rates.”

However, because of the higher levels of hormones, there is a greater risk of side effects such as bloating, mood changes, and weight gain. It would help if you remembered that it is a more long-term solution than other options.

“Once you get the shot, you’re stuck with it for at least three to four months,” says Dr. Jhaveri. “If you don’t like your pill, you don’t take it the next day. Don’t you like your patch? You don’t wear it. But once you get the shot, it’s in your system for three months or longer, so it’s important to review your options before deciding which method is best for you.” How To Stop Periods


An implant is another birth control option that has the potential to stop your period. A thin, flexible rod, which releases progesterone, is inserted under the skin of your upper arm. While it can typically last up to three years, there’s the option to remove it before then.

“Implants have the same benefits of the shot and are very effective, but one unique benefit is that if you don’t like it, you can have it removed,” says Dr. Jhaveri. “You don’t have to worry about it staying in your system for an extended period.”

What isn’t working? How To Stop Periods?

The internet is full of ideas and methods for stopping your period. However, many of them are false. The following techniques will not prevent your period:

  • Lemon juice remains consumed.
  • consuming salt water
  • Drinking vinegar-laced water.
  • Taking the pill in the morning.
  • The use of ibuprofen.
  • Consume raspberry leaf tea.
  • Juice stands stand made from pineapples.

“There is no science to support why these methods would work to stop your period,” Dr. Jhaveri emphasizes. “None of these suggestions will provide enough hormone regulation to prevent your period.” By attempting random methods, you risk injuring yourself and causing irregular bleeding.”

What is your best course of action? Most people have the option of using birth control to help them stop their period. Also, taking estrogen, which remains found in many forms of birth control, is not recommended if you have high blood pressure or migraines with aura. Consult with your doctor about the best way to end your period.

“Talk to your clinician if you want to stop your period successfully,” Dr. Jhaveri advises. “Even during a virtual visit, doctors can provide a quick 15-minute consultation to determine your medical risk factors and the best way to stop your period with the amount of time available.”


Birth control pills remain usually sold in 28-pill packs. Typically, you’d take active pills containing hormones for three weeks. Then, during the fourth week, you’d take hormone-free placebo pills. You can, however, skip the placebo week and begin a new pack if you want to stop your period. How To Stop Periods

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