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Task Force Tips – How do Task Force Tips Works?

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Task Force Tips

Task Force Tips (TFT) is a global manufacturer of life-saving equipment for fire and rescue departments. TFT, based in Valparaiso, Indiana, is a preferred employer in the Northwest Indiana region, with a singular mission and culture and a generous benefits package for employees and their families. They are looking for persons to join them in the mission to save lives and protect property.

Headquarters: Valparaiso, Indiana, United States

Founded: 1971

Parent organization: Madison Industries US Holdings Corporation.

One of the team members will respond within 24 hours.

How do Task Force Tips Works?

TFT fosters an environment of employee understanding and empowerment. They believe in the worth of their work and regularly share information about company performance with their employees.

The TFT team understands the importance of their work and the importance of working together. They work hard to light and exceed our customers’ expectations. Their employees remain valued as individuals, believing each employee has control over their work.

TFT recognizes that each employee contributes significantly to achieving their common goals. TFT rewards outstanding performance and celebrates success. By encouraging one another, they bring a contagious and enjoyable enthusiasm to their work! Employees are informed and allowed to make decisions and drive organizational improvements.

History of Task Force Tips


Clyde McMillan, a volunteer, is injured at the Standard Oil Company fire due to an ineffective nozzle.


Also, Clyde McMillan establishes the Gary Fire Task Force, a civil defense fire department.


Also, On May 10, 1968, Clyde McMillan drew the first automatic nozzle design on a napkin in the kitchen of the McMillan family home.


Task Force Tips requires additional space and expands its Evans Avenue location by 10,000 square feet. The total annual sales are $15 million, and the company employs 120 people.


Also, TFT’s 2012 G-Force Nozzle and New Force product line usher in a new way to buy fire equipment.


Madison Industries collaborates with TFT to grow and expand. Also, With the help of the McMillan Family Foundation, MAAC (Multi-Agency Academic Cooperative) opens its doors to provide first responders with a world-class training facility.


Who bought Task Force Tips?

Also, On January 12, the company remained sold to Madison Industries, a Chicago-based private investment firm, the culmination of what McMillan describes as a 12-year search for the perfect partner.

What exactly is a firefighting task force?

Although, During the Watts Riots in 1965, the Task Force concept remained developed. Also, A group of fire apparatus responds to incidents together, allowing firefighters to be more flexible in responding to emergencies. A truck with only one engine is known as a Light Force.

What exactly is a TFT serial number?

Also, The serial number for the handline series, 50-350 GPM, is located on the shaper guide.

What exactly is the TFT branch?

Also, TFT Branches: A barrier between the firefighter and the fire, combining high performance, ease of use, and safety.


The Task Force Leader manages all aspects of a mission, including operational and administrative issues, from the moment it is activated until it returns to its home jurisdiction. Also, TFT display technology provides full-color RGB displaying various colors and hues.

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